Friday, 4 November 2016

Good afternoon all my friends wherever you are

3 weeks ago I discovered that I was Diabetic type 2 ,I was in shock not grossly overweight just a few pounds as you know I do a lot of walking,but I did used to eat an awful lot of my wifes pastry, meat pies,apple pies,cakes so I am blaming her(LOL) I am now on a low carb diet,but the advice out there is a minefield,The NHS say you can eat most things some forums say the opposite,which is hard to believe,so I have decided to eat fruit,vegatables every day at least 5 portions and I have fresh salmon,sardines twice a week,I have cut all added sugar out,my tea tastes vile ,no sweets,no red meat,no processed food at all just chicken and turkey and salads,all the diabetic nurse said was I will see you in 3 months,no mention of a meter to measure my blood sugar,she would like me to go on a course (Diabetes) and to test my eyes,god knows when that will be there are so many people with it locally almost an epidemic that it will be months away,anyway apart from drinking the very occaisional  foul tasting tea I am drinking water with a dash of  orange.well everyone the that's me for today its raining and dark but that is on the outside,enjoy your day my friends.

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